Monthly Archives: September 2011

All about vintage

Vintage and vintage inspired fashion is big news right now and it seems everyone wants a piece of nostalgic glam including designers, stylists, and celebs. Wearing vintage is not only ethical it also prevents the chance of anyone else turning up in the same outfit!

It’s the same story with jewellery, and while vintage jewellery is a key look right now it also comes with a high price tag (think hundreds or even thousands for bespoke pieces made from vintage).  However our vintage jewellery making workshop (a bargain at £45) teaches you the basic skills using pliers and other tools to allow you to create a bespoke necklace or bracelet.  The best part is choosing from the wide range of vintage pearls, crystals, beads, brooches, charms, pendants, cameos and other gems! The two and half hour course teaches you all the techniques, includes all the materials and by the end you take home your unique piece of jewellery.