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Natural lip balms – good enough to eat!

We are very excited about our new revamped Heavenly Scent beauty product making workshop, we’re now making three products; a pampering bath soak infused with essential oils, a wonderful soothing and nourishing face mask made with high quality Dead Sea muds, rhassoul and green clays and rosehip oil with its well documented healing qualities.  And lastly we’ve added natural lip balms. We like to think once you’ve learnt to make your own you’ll never want to go back to shop bought again.

All the beauty products (and the soap although that is a different workshop) are made from natural, ingredients that are beneficial for your skin, but did you know that when you apply lip balm you actually ingest it too (we literally swallow and ingest pounds of lip balm each year!) – so going natural is actually better for your insides as well!

While we may study food labels in the supermarket, who does it for lip balms?  However when ingredients can include petroleum jelly, a by-product of the oil industry, parabans and Phenol – maybe we should.   On top of the cocktail of chemicals are artificial colours and flavours.  Do you really want to be ingesting all that?

So if you don’t want to coat your lips in chemicals, there are natural lip balms on the market, we love Berts Bees and Cowshed, but in our workshop you learn to make it yourself and that way you know exactly what goes in, and with high quality natural ingredients including beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter and apricot kernel oil your finished balms will be a real treat for your lips.