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Paint the Town with our Manicure Masterclass

Now I’m sure you can’t have failed to notice the rise and rise of the nail – somehow over the last few years having painted nails has gone from a treat for special occasions to everyday wear.  Nail bars are on every high street and nail polish brands are coming up with new colours, textures and finishes every season (concrete, leather and feathers to nail but a few) and nail art has gone from niche to mainstream. Celebs of course are at the forefront of this look, nowadays on shoots most insist on a nail technician as well as a stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist, and at the Emmys and Oscars there was even a ‘Mani Cam’ on the red carpet to get a close up of the manicured digits of the stars!

manicure masterclass with nail art

Now having a personal nail technician on hand may be out of reach for most of us, but with our manicure masterclass you can achieve professional looking nails yourself.  It’s a great activity to do for hen parties, birthdays or corporate events, and at our Paint the Town workshop everyone gets top tips and the chance to get your hands on a massive choice of nail polishes, lots of colours and finishes.  In the masterclass everyone leans the basics on shaping nails, techniques for applying polish for a smooth, professional finish (no blobs or smudges here!)  and of course some fun nail art tips and tricks.  Everyone has free reign to experiment with whatever designs they fancy, from as understated to show stopping.  By the end of the manicure masterclass everyone has a new confidence and skills.  And of course, with everyone’s nails looking amazing – its the perfect excuse to go out and paint the town!

manicure masterclass hen party

For more information about our manicure masterclass as well as other hen party ideas please go to our Parties page or email us