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Paper craft – Homemade Christmas decorations

We just love homemade Christmas decorations.  There is something reassuringly traditional about the ritual of preparing your home for Christmas, plus the results have handmade charm about them that you just can’t buy from the shops!

Homemade Christmas decorations

Now obviously in real life not everyone has the time or inclination to sit down and make decorations by hand, let alone the sourcing and buying involved to get all the materials required.  Luckily though we have our Christmas Crafternoons available to bring to you!  A couple of hours of making decorations, lots of stylish materials are provided along with ideas, inspiration and guidance if needed.  We have done bespoke Christmas Crafternoons for work Christmas parties, large scale corporate events and press days.

handmade paper craft Christmas decorations, I Made It Myself

We really love chic, Scandi inspired paper craft decorations, but we’re not slaves to stylish minimalism, there is always room for a bit of kitsch at Christmas and we’re also partial to a bit of festive sparkle now and again, however we draw the line at tinsel!

homemade Christmas decorations

For more details on our Christmas craft activities please go to our Corporates page and the Christmas options menu, or get in touch