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We love tassel bracelets…

Recently we were asked by high street fashion brand Claire’s Europe to come up with a fun, creative activity reflecting some of the big jewellery trends for spring / summer 2015 for a press event in central London.  We looked at the trend forecasts for summer as well as the theme of the Claire’s event.  It needed to be fun, with a summer / festival feel, so as we love festival style tassels, we decided on a quick and easy to make tassel bracelets.  We provided a selection of small wooden beads in bright colours with a choice of contrasting tassels, and then it was a case of threading them on, securing the elastic with a blob of glue, and voila – a brand new bracelet in under 10 minutes!  If you had a bit more time on your hands, and with a long piece of thread, the beads and tassels would make great necklaces as well.

photo-33 copy 4  tassel bracelets for a press event in London   photo-34 copy 2  photo-34 copy 3

Some of the finished products shown above.  We especially like the turquoise bracelet with matching manicure!   Even though they we worn with jumpers and winter coats,  we tried to inject a spring / summer vibe into a frankly freezing day in mid winter!  Roll on summer ….

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