Monthly Archives: August 2015

Beach bag printing and cocktail cupcakes

We’ve been feeling some summer vibes with two beach inspired activities; tote bag printing and summer cocktail cupcakes especially for Enjoy Work event at Chiswick Business Park.

beach tote bag printingtropical beach themed tote bag printing.

tote bag printing pineapples





Firstly we did beach bag printing with a tropical theme – we had pineapple, watermelon slices and palm tree stencils but it was the flamingo that proved the most popular!  We used bright coloured screen paints and sponges to transform a plain cotton tote into a summer beach bag!

We also had a summer cocktail cupcakes (or cup-tails!) decorating activity. We chose our favourite retro holiday cocktails, pina colada, mojito and tequila sunrise to give the humble cupcake a beach cocktail twist.

cocktail cupcake or cuptails decoratingcocktail cupcakes cocktail inspired cupcakes





You could bake your own cupcakes, but on this occasion we used the ready-made plain, vanilla cupcakes from Waitrose.  We went shop bought because for this event it was all about the decorating, so we were focused on perfecting those buttercream swirls and decorating with cocktail garnishes!

With the tote bag printing plus cocktail cupcake decorating, there was some totally tropical, crafty fun (with or without the sun).

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