Hands on Christmas activities for parties and events

Christmas at I Made It Myself usually starts in July with press events as all the printed press are well ahead of the rest of us. We usually start getting bookings for Christmas parties and Christmas events as early as August although we do also cater for the last minute bookings. We’ve become quite accustomed to providing Christmas activities in just a couple of days if necessary (thank goodness for express delivery and our dedicated team!)  Our Christmas classics such as wreath making, bauble decorating, stocking decorating, Christmas jumper decorating and of course our signature Christmas Crafternoon (a fun session of lots of festive makes) are always popular and go down a treat with a glass of mulled wine or fizz and a mince pie. And for those wanting to give a lovely handmade gift we have some great ideas and activities such as the Himalayan and rose petal bath soak, bespoke jewellery, hand poured candles and Christmas iced biscuits.

Christmas bauble decoratingChristmas jumper decorating




Badge & notebook customising

We were excited to be involved in Clerkenwell Design Week this year. We provided a creative badge and notebook customising activity for architects and designers. As most design is done on computers these days, our brief was to provide a ‘back to basics’ activity for the guests. So with a choice of pens, lettering, coloured paper, Japanese washi tape and some imagination, it was interesting to see the different ways people used the materials. The end results were unique badges and books showing hand drawn graphic graphic designs, mini modern art masterpieces and simple messages.

Clerkenwekk Design Week badge making activity at Altro badge designing and making activity for event in Clerkenwell badge designing and making activity for event badge designing and making activity for event in Clerkenwell Notebook customising for Clerkenwell Design Week 2017 notebook customising event at Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

notebook customising activity notebook customising activity notebook customising with lettering Notebook customising with washi tape for Clerkenwell Design Week 2017







Handmade Mother’s Day card and gift ideas

We can’t get enough of all things floral right now – we are particularly obsessed with pressed flowers so were thrilled when Stylist magazine chose to feature our pressed flowers in frames for a home made feature recently.  We think they make a great handmade Mother’s Day gift, especially as an alternative to a bunch of flowers!

And with Mother’s Day round the corner, it’s a perfect excuse to make our vintage Liberty print flower cards again. Guaranteed to be the cutest handmade cards you’ll have made for your mum since you were at nursery school!

Stylist magazine featuring pressed flower frames   handmade Mother's Day card with Liberty print flower


Christmas craft activities for parties and events

The countdown to Christmas has begun… and we’ve put together our collection of fun and inspiring Christmas craft activities that are ideal for parties and events.

From bauble decorating to wreath making, they are all sociable, creative and can be tailored according to your requirements.  We can come to the venue of your choice, set up with all materials and equipment ready to go.

Choose from our ‘ready to make’ options below or we’d be happy to discuss any ‘bespoke’ ideas. We can also offer discounts if you want to do more than one activity.. Please do get in touch or have a look at our corporate page for more details 

bauble decorating activity 1 BAUBLE DECORATING : Personalise and customise a lovely collection of baubles ready to hang on the tree.

2 CHRISTMAS PAPER CRAFT : Learn paper cutting techniques to hand make Christmas cards, gift tags and paper decorations with a difference.

3 CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAPPING : Learn some clever and innovative ways to wrap and decorate your gifts.

4 CHRISTMAS CRAFTERNOON : A tailor-made fun, crafty session involving a taste of lots of different Christmas activities.
Christmas decorating
5 CHRISTMAS JUMPER CUSTOMISING : Give a grey marl sweatshirt a fun and festive makeover.

6 CHRISTMAS STOCKING PERSONALISING  : Select from our array of trimmings and letterings to decorate a Christmas stocking.

7 CHRISTMAS BISCUIT ICING : Create your own Christmas selection box of hand decorated biscuits.

8 CHRISTMAS CANDLES : Choose from our Christmas scents to make a hand poured luxury candle.

wreath making 9 WREATH MAKING : Use seasonal flowers and foliage and decorations to create a fresh Christmas wreath.

10 CHRISTMAS TABLE DECORATION MAKING : Create a stunning centrepiece for your table using seasonal foliage and embellishments.





Energy Balls

With Deliciously Ella launching her version in Waitrose and Wholefoods, energy balls have now become the new healthy option and they’re our favourite guilt free treat. They’re great if you’re trying to cut down on sugar and a perfect alternative to chocolate and they’re fun and easy to make. Over the summer, we organised an organic, raw energy ball making masterclass for a press event for Braun Beauty. Everyone learnt some background info on the benefits of raw food and then chose from a selection of superfoods to make their own delicious and nutritious balls ready to eat…

raw food energy balls

If you fancy having a go, here’s one of our favourite recipes…

15 medjool dates, pitted and roughly chopped
110g dessicated coconut (plus 80g cup for rolling)
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1½ tablespoons cocoa powder
pinch of salt
1 tablespoon water

1. Put pecans in food processor and pulse until roughly chopped.
2. Add remaining ingredients, turn food processor on until well mixed.
3. Using a tablespoon measure, spoon out mixture and roll in balls.
4. Coat each ball in the shredded coconut.
5. Place on a parchment covered baking sheet and refrigerate for at least thirty minutes.
6. Store in the fridge in a container or plastic bag for up to two weeks.

Pressed flowers in frames

pressed flowers in framesWe were thrilled to be asked to provide a fun and creative pressed flowers in frames activity for the Very Exclusive Autumn/Winter 16 press day in Soho.

We used Kiko glass frames and provided a large selection of dried flowers, dried leaves, seeds and feathers to make a stunning piece of art!pressed flowers and foliage

The theme was Miss Haversham, so we used English countryside flowers with muted colours including forgetmenots, lobelia, pansies, cow parsley and rose buds along with leaves, grasses and  baby ostrich and peacock feathers for a vintage feel.

We also provided dried honesty seeds which some people used for a vintage and whimsical look.  Once the elements were laid out, a dab of clear drying glue dotted on with a cocktail stick holds everything in place.  Lots of fun to do, and gives stunning results in minutes.

pressed flowers in frames for press event




Top tips for a crafty party : jewellery making

Jennifer Farrell at I Made It Myself event

Jennifer Farrell

We are very lucky to have such super talented and lovely teachers as part of our I Made It Myself family – so we thought it would be a good idea to do a Q&A to find out their top tips for a crafty party and getting the most out of it.  We had a cuppa and a chat with Jennifer Farrell who designs and makes her own jewellery for her one woman business Storm in a Teacup. She also teaches our vintage jewellery and friendship bracelet making parties and events.



Why does jewellery making work well for hen parties? 

crafty jewellery making hen party

crafty jewellery making hen party

I think the reason people enjoy these classes so much are because it brings people together. Hen parties can be tricky if you’re bringing together a mix of family, in laws, older relatives, school friends, work friends, so I think creative classes are just a really good way to get people interacting. When people arrive you don’t know who knows who, but by the end you assume they’re all friends! It’s a really lovely hen party idea, as everyone is in the same boat, it’s not about being the best – it’s just about having fun.

What advice would you give to newbies making jewellery at a workshop or crafty hen party?

friendship bracelet making

friendship bracelet making in progress

First of all, plan it out on your mat. Mock it up, don’t cut anything off till you have to and don’t thread anything till you have to.  But also it’s about trial and error, so even when I’m designing things now I start by mocking it up, but if it doesn’t look right, I undo it, redo it, and start again. It’s more important to take time at the planning stage so you’re happy with it and will want to wear it!

What was your favourite ever I Made It Myself event to teach at? 

tassel bracelet making for a press event

tassel bracelet making for a press event

Tough one but two come to mind – The press day for Claire’s was really fun, we were making tassel bracelets for them. It was really different, the people who came didn’t know what to expect but they really got into it and everyone was really lovely.

Secondly we did an amazing vintage jewellery making hen party in Clapham – it was the biggest one, 22 people and it was so much fun, they all came up with really quirky designs. They all hugged us afterwards because they just had the best time, we were so touched!

What was your favourite piece made at one of our classes?

We did an event at Shoreditch House for the members there and one of the girls had a really quirky style and created a Vivienne Westwood style necklace. She put loads of rosary beads together, loads of layers, it was really out there. She just went for it and I really like that, it always sticks in my mind.

We think music is a must at our jewellery making parties, what’s your perfect playlist ?

jewellery making playlist

Jen’s perfect playlist for making jewellery

I’ve got a pretty varied playlist. So Fleetwood Mac, Stone Roses ’cause I was a 90’s teen, De La Soul for some happy vibes, and a bit of Led Zeppelin.  I’ve also got a playlist I made called “Smile” – really happy stuff, full of energy, no negative connotations and great for a positive day’s work!

What do you think are the big jewellery trends for 2016?

90's inspired jewellery, part of Storm in a Teacup collection

90’s inspired jewellery, part of Storm in a Teacup collection

Well it was all about layering and stacking in 2015 and that’s still going on but my new collection has a bit of a 90’s feel, rose quartz, opal, faded dark silver, stars.  But I think the layering trend will continue, lots simple chains together, lots of skinny rings stacked together.

For Jennifer’s complete collection have a browse at 

For more information about doing vintage jewellery making or friendship bracelet making hen parties or events please get in touch or 02081235257 or for our full range of activities have a look at our website



Alternative ideas for a crafty hen party

If you’re looking for something different from the traditional hen party fayre of L plates and pink feather boas, we have some great alternative ideas for a crafty hen party.

One of our most popular hen parties is jewellery making, especially our vintage jewellery and friendship bracelet making.  Everyone goes away with something handmade and unique under the watchful eye of our brilliant teacher Jen who is also a jewellery designer and runs Storm in a Teacup.

Friendship bracelet making hen party in London

Friendship bracelet making hen party in London

Flower crown making is also a fun one, we like to keep it seasonal with fresh blooms and can also cater to any theme.  We’ve had country wild flowers for a pretty, woodland look, to totally topical with a Hawaiian theme.  Everyone is in good hands with our teacher and  fabulous florist, Ruth from Stem Flowers.

flower crown making hen party in London

flower crown making hen party

We’ve been doing candle making workshops since we started I Made It Myself in 2010 and it continues to be a much loved activity for hen parties and corporates.  It’s fun to do and best of all everyone leaves with a gorgeous, hand poured, scented candle to take home.  We started with candles in vintage tea cups but we’ve now added glass votives for a more contemporary candle.  Our teacher and candle making extrodinare James is brilliant for waxing lyrical about all things candle related.

alternative ideas for crafty hen parties : vintage teacup candle making

vintage teacup candle making hen party

We also love a bit of customising and have done some fun knicker decorating parties, but alternatively we can do tote bags to t-shirts too!  Let us know if you have any colours or themes in mind and we can source some great trimmings and embellishments.

Check out our hen party page for some more inspiration and get in touch if you’re planning a do!

Flower crown parties – learn to make stunning seasonal flower crowns

Floral crowns aren’t just for summer festivals, we think flower crowns are great for all seasons! We only use fresh and seasonal flowers and foliage and surprisingly there is a great selection available even in bleakest January!  For our flower crown parties we lay out a selection of flowers and foliage along with scissors, wire and floristry tape, and our lovely teacher Ruth is on hand to give guidance throughout the class.

flower crown making hen party in London

Flower crown making hen party in London

It’s a great activity to chat whilst preparing the stems and assembling them, so it’s really fun and sociable.  By the end of the session everyone has their own handmade, bespoke creation to wear for the night – and of course they make for great photos!  The images below are a selection from a few of our favourite flower crown parties.

flower crown making hen party in London

making a flower crown

flower crown making hen party in London

flower crown glory

For more info about our flower crown making parties please go to our party page or get in touch or 02081235257




Pressed flower badges for River Island

Florals are a big trend for Summer 2016, and so as part of River Island’s press day we were asked to provide a floral badge making activity.  We were inspired by the pressed flower badges seen on the Dior Homme catwalk and gave guests the chance to make floral pin badges in a similar style.

pressed flowers; pansies, daisies, fuchsias, violas and marigolds River Island Summer press event with I Made It Myself

Quick to do and surprisingly easy – we sourced a selection of pressed flowers from ebay, we had mainly blue and orange to tie in with River Island’s key colours for the event.  We used plain, lined and graph paper for backgrounds, we also used newspapers; Le Monde and The Financial Times for it’s pleasing, pink hue.  Plus we discovered a whole new use for those mindfulness colouring books!

mindfulness colouring books used for badge backgrounds

dried flower badge making dried, pressed flower badge makingdried, pressed flower badge

Once all the elements were assembled, it was time to pull down the handle of the badge pressing machine for the finished product.  In just a few minutes the badge was ready to be pinned on for some instant floral accessorising.  Perfect for a fun, speedy and creative activity for a press event – and of course social media friendly!

pressed flower badge making event for River Island press daypressed flower badge making activity wearing pressed flower badge wearing a pressed flower badge wearing a handmade pressed flower badgehand made pressed flower badge on bag