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We love tassel bracelets…

Recently we were asked by high street fashion brand Claire’s Europe to come up with a fun, creative activity reflecting some of the big jewellery trends for spring / summer 2015 for a press event in central London.  We looked at the trend forecasts for summer as well as the theme of the Claire’s event.  It needed to be fun, with a summer / festival feel, so as we love festival style tassels, we decided on a quick and easy to make tassel bracelets.  We provided a selection of small wooden beads in bright colours with a choice of contrasting tassels, and then it was a case of threading them on, securing the elastic with a blob of glue, and voila – a brand new bracelet in under 10 minutes!  If you had a bit more time on your hands, and with a long piece of thread, the beads and tassels would make great necklaces as well.

photo-33 copy 4  tassel bracelets for a press event in London   photo-34 copy 2  photo-34 copy 3

Some of the finished products shown above.  We especially like the turquoise bracelet with matching manicure!   Even though they we worn with jumpers and winter coats,  we tried to inject a spring / summer vibe into a frankly freezing day in mid winter!  Roll on summer ….

For more examples of fun, creative and social media friendly activities for press days and events  please go to our Events Page.  To get in touch email or call 02081235257


Paper craft – Homemade Christmas decorations

We just love homemade Christmas decorations.  There is something reassuringly traditional about the ritual of preparing your home for Christmas, plus the results have handmade charm about them that you just can’t buy from the shops!

Homemade Christmas decorations

Now obviously in real life not everyone has the time or inclination to sit down and make decorations by hand, let alone the sourcing and buying involved to get all the materials required.  Luckily though we have our Christmas Crafternoons available to bring to you!  A couple of hours of making decorations, lots of stylish materials are provided along with ideas, inspiration and guidance if needed.  We have done bespoke Christmas Crafternoons for work Christmas parties, large scale corporate events and press days.

handmade paper craft Christmas decorations, I Made It Myself

We really love chic, Scandi inspired paper craft decorations, but we’re not slaves to stylish minimalism, there is always room for a bit of kitsch at Christmas and we’re also partial to a bit of festive sparkle now and again, however we draw the line at tinsel!

homemade Christmas decorations

For more details on our Christmas craft activities please go to our Corporates page and the Christmas options menu, or get in touch



Candle Making for parties and events

We love candle making, it’s one of our most popular activities for parties and events – maybe because everyone loves the end product so much.  Obviously we’re all for individuality and creativity, but when it comes to wax though, we’re purists – we go for plain white, no artificial dyes or marbling effects for us.  However, elements we do like to play around with include scent; we have a good choice of scent, gorgeous florals like rose, lavender or geranium, spicy, warmer scents like vanilla or fig, or citrusry like orange.  It’s fun to blend scents too – vanilla and rose is wonderful!   Finally what to set the candle in?  We know there are a myriad of candle moulds out there – and for those who want their candles in the shapes of bananas, pyramids or entwined figures.. then we are not the people for you.   We offer simple, classic glass votives in either plain or fluted Art Deco style, or a silvery distressed votive as well as a beautiful selection of vintage teacups – and we even have been known to use a Moroccan bowl.. but never a banana mould!

candle making in a glass votive for hen parties and press events

For more info about candle making for parties, corporates or events please go to our website or get in touch or 02081235257

Vintage Charm – vintage jewellery making for parties

Doing a fun and creative activity as part of a hen do has gone from quirky to mainstream for modern hen parties, and one of our most popular classes for 2014 is vintage jewellery making.

All our jewellery making classes (vintage jewellery, friendship charm bracelet, and our new contemporary tassel and chain necklaces) start off with an introduction to the tools; we use round nose pliers, flat nose pliers and cutters.  This is followed by a practice trial run getting to grips with the tools and honing some basic techniques using findings; crimp beads, jump rings and clasps.

making bracelets and necklaces with vintage jewellery for a craft hen party in London

vintage jewellery making

Once everyone feels confident with the tools and techniques it’s time for to choose the vintage jewellery.  Pearls, beads, charms, chains, brooches and more are laid out on vintage china for people to choose – going for something simple to statement.   Then it’s relaxed and satisfying session assembling the elements to create unique piece of jewellery.

We have at least one teacher (more for larger groups) to give advice and lend a hand where necessary.  Most people like to make necklaces, but sometimes people do bracelets, ear-rings and we’ve even had an anklet.  It’s great for an afternoon hen activity, and everyone gets involved doing something hands on.  Also everyone can show off their new creations if they are going on somewhere after the class.


Nail Art Event for Next Press Day

We were thrilled to be involved with Next for their Summer 2014 preview event held at Soho Hotel.  The collection featured stunning summer brights and bold prints which our talented manicure teacher translated into nail art designs.

nail art event for fashion press day

Graphics showing the print and the corresponding nails made it easy for people to choose their nail art manicure.

Nail art for Next press event by I Made It Myself

Bold prints translated into stunning nail art manicures.

Nail art event for Next press day

The manicures, as well as gorgeous up dos and braids by the girls at Blow added a fun and pampering element to the preview collection.

Fashion, delicious breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea provided throughout the day, up dos and of course the manicures – wonderful!

For more info on our nail art event please see our Events Page

Guide to creating handmade Mothers Day cards with fabric flowers

We love giving and receiving cards (sorry but an e-card just doesn’t cut it!), and our favourites are always handmade. But when was the last time you sent a handmade Mothers Day card to your mum?  The chances are it was when you were still at school, so why not indulge her this year by making one yourself.  It shows you’ve put time and thought into it and not just done a last minute dash to the corner shop.  Hopefully she’ll love it just as much as your childhood creations – only this time it will be a little more chic!

Below our craft teacher Elise shares her method of making fabric flower cards:

materials for Handmade Mothers Day card

materials for home made card making

1. Gather your materials; quality paper for the card, any scraps of pretty fabric (we used Liberty print fabric off cuts), a button, needle and thread, scissors and glue.

Handmade Mothers Day card

draw and cut out a flower template

2. Draw a simple flower shape on some paper and cut out as your template. Make sure the petals aren’t cut too close to the centre. Then draw outline onto reserve side of fabric and cut out. Repeat with the same or contrasting piece of fabric.

sewing flower for Handmade Mothers Day card

sew a tacking stitch round the centre of the flower

3. With a threaded needle sew round the centre of one of your flowers in a simple tacking stitch – use 2 or 3 stitches per petal, the more stitches the tighter the ‘gather’.

floral Handmade Mothers Day card

gather the thread

4. Pull the thread tight for the gathered effect, secure thread with a knot on the reverse side and trim.

Handmade Mothers Day card

layer flowers on top of each other and secure with a button

5. Position your gathered flower over the other one, and use a button to secure the two pieces of fabric.

floral handmade Mothers Day cards

glue the finished flowers onto cards – add stems and leaves if desired

6. Glue the finished flower onto the card. Add a stem, leaves or any other embellishments.  Write your Mother’s Day message and post or deliver by hand – it will really make your Mum’s Day

Christmas Bauble Decorating for parties and events

We had a bauble-tastic month in December as we ran our ‘Never Mind the Baubles’ (a.k.a Christmas bauble decorating) at events and parties in London.  We go for good quality plain white mat baubles, red, silver and champagne gold as a neutral base with a selection of lettering, embellishments, glue pens, fine glitter, ribbons and twine for some creative, Christmas fun.

Christmas bauble decorating activity for press event

We brought our baubles to Browns Hotel in Mayfair for Next who were hosting a Festive Afternoon Tea event for bloggers. After sampling the gorgeous sandwiches, mini cakes and champagne – everyone got stuck in making some gorgeous, personalised creations for their Christmas trees.

Christmas bauble decorating activity for press event

Baubles also featured in our Christmas Crafternoons for Soho House Christmas activites for their members.  We ran the event for them at Shoreditch House and Soho House.  The bauble decorating was brilliantly popular but there was other festive decorations made including tissue paper pom poms as well as printed gift tags and bags and mini garlands.

Christmas bauble decorating activity for press event

At the o2 Christmas event – a wide range of creative activities followed a conference at Evolution in Battersea Park.  We provided 3 of the activities available; candle making (with Christmassy scents of course), chocolate making and our Christmas crafternoon complete with bauble decorating.

The residents and employees of St Katherine’s Dock enjoyed a spot of bauble decorating (and bags and gift tag printing) as well as sampling delicious street food and picking up a few gifts from the stalls packed with gorgeous hand made gifts at the fun and festive annual Christmas event.

Christmas bauble decorating activity

So after a month of Christmas Crafternoons all over town, we have concluded it’s impossible not to have fun decorating baubles, and it can be slightly addictive!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! x

For more information on ‘Never Mind the Baubles’ go to our Christmas activities on our Corporate or Event pages or contact us

Hen parties with a vintage twist

If you’ve ever been given the daunting task of organising  a hen do, you’ll know just how tricky it can be.  Firstly commandeering a gaggle of the bride’s nearest and dearest who may or may not know each other, attempting to accommodate everyone’s budgets and trying to agree on what everyone would like to do.

And the choice of hen activities has never been greater:  At I Made It Myself we provide affordable creative activities for hen parties where over tea and cake, you can have fun learning to make something or learning a new skill.  Workshops include: candle making, fascinator making, flower crown making, biscuit icing, knicker accessorising and manicure masterclasses.

vintage teacup candle making for hen party

vintage teacups used for candle making and tea!

All our activities are creative and contemporary, but some do have a vintage twist, for instance for one of our candle making classes we use vintage tea cups from various eras, Victorian, Art Deco to mid century depending on people’s preferences.




vintage jewellery making

necklace made from vintage chain and charms

Another popular hen party choices has been jewellery making using vintage pieces. Everyone starts off learning the basics of jewellery making, then the hens are let loose on carefully sourced vintage pearls, charms, chains, brooches and other gems and with guidance from our wonderful (and super patient) jewellery teacher, create their gorgeous and unique necklace or bracelet.  A perfect memento of the occasion.

One of our favourite vintage jewellery hen do’s had a Audrey Hepburn theme – and the girls paid homage in LBDs and we made sure there was lots of vintage pearls for their creations!

All the activities are fun, great ice breakers, plus they don’t break the bank.  Perfect as an event in itself or as precursor to hitting the town. For more information about our vintage theme hen parties have a look at our Parties Page.


Crafty activity for shop launch party

We love running creative activities for parties and events so we were thrilled to be asked to provide a crafty activity for shop launch party of Healthy Planet’s new pop up shop on Chiswick High Road.

crafty activity for shop launch

bath soak making

Healthy Planet have an inspiring initiative called “Books For Free” rescuing unwanted books that otherwise would end up in landfill, there are now 32 centres throughout the country and they’ve so far saved more than 2.5 million books!

We got into the spirit of the upcycing theme by showing people how to make natural, handmade bath soaks using Dead Sea salts.  Quick and easy to do, it’s a mix of the salts along with essential oils which we packaged in vintage liberty print fabric and tied with a ribbon. Perfect for de-stressing, just pop into a hot bath to steep for 10 minutes then enjoy!!

It was a lovely evening, we met lots of inspiring people, some new and some familiar faces, the mayor of Chiswick even came along for the occasion.  Everyone enjoyed the bath soak making as well as the delicious nibbles and Pimms.

For more information about our crafty activities for shop launch parties, or other parties and events please go to our website I Made It Myself

Paint the Town with our Manicure Masterclass

Now I’m sure you can’t have failed to notice the rise and rise of the nail – somehow over the last few years having painted nails has gone from a treat for special occasions to everyday wear.  Nail bars are on every high street and nail polish brands are coming up with new colours, textures and finishes every season (concrete, leather and feathers to nail but a few) and nail art has gone from niche to mainstream. Celebs of course are at the forefront of this look, nowadays on shoots most insist on a nail technician as well as a stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist, and at the Emmys and Oscars there was even a ‘Mani Cam’ on the red carpet to get a close up of the manicured digits of the stars!

manicure masterclass with nail art

Now having a personal nail technician on hand may be out of reach for most of us, but with our manicure masterclass you can achieve professional looking nails yourself.  It’s a great activity to do for hen parties, birthdays or corporate events, and at our Paint the Town workshop everyone gets top tips and the chance to get your hands on a massive choice of nail polishes, lots of colours and finishes.  In the masterclass everyone leans the basics on shaping nails, techniques for applying polish for a smooth, professional finish (no blobs or smudges here!)  and of course some fun nail art tips and tricks.  Everyone has free reign to experiment with whatever designs they fancy, from as understated to show stopping.  By the end of the manicure masterclass everyone has a new confidence and skills.  And of course, with everyone’s nails looking amazing – its the perfect excuse to go out and paint the town!

manicure masterclass hen party

For more information about our manicure masterclass as well as other hen party ideas please go to our Parties page or email us