Flower Power : Flower crown making

  • flower crown guy
  • flower crown making corporate summer party

We can organise flower crown making for corporate events, either as a sit down workshop or as a drop in session. We always use fresh, seasonal flowers and foliage and can tailor it to a theme if required. Fun to do and always popular (even with the guys!)

Jewellery Schoolery : Jewellery making

  • vintage jewellery making party
  • selection of vintage jewellery
  • jewellery making for corporate party in London

We host bespoke jewellery making masterclasses for corporate parties and events.  Some of our most popular sessions include initial or name necklaces or bracelets, friendship bracelets and vintage jewellery.  Learn the basics of jewellery making and delve into our collection of beads, charms, chains and vintage treasures.


Heavenly Scent : Bath Soaks and Scrubs Making

  • rose metals for bath soak making for corporate event
  • bath soak making for PwC corporate event
  • botanical bath soak making

Learn to make your own personalised collection of pampering products including bath soaks and scrubs plus massage oil in our Heavenly Scent beauty product making class.   The beauty products are all made from carefully selected high quality, natural and nourishing ingredients including essential oils, Himalayan salt and dried petals – all which leave skin pampered and heavenly scented.


£45 per person


Flowered up : Flower arranging

  • flower arranging

In this flower arranging workshop you’ll learn the technique to creating a hand-tied bouquet using fresh, seasonal flowers. Choose between smaller jam jar arrangements or a larger display in a vase.  Learn tricks of the trade on conditioning flowers and foliage.  By the end of the session everyone will have a beautiful bouquet to take home.

Light My Fire : Candle Making

  • candle making parties in London
  • votive candle making for hen parties

In our Light My Fire candle making class learn to make high quality, long burning, gorgeously scented candles.  Scent preferences vary from person to person, so we provide a selection to choose from covering the different key notes; earthy, spicy, floral and fresh.  With step by step guidance create bespoke candles using methods used by Jo Malone and Diptyque to ensure a great end result. Choose between glass votives, kilner jars or teacups.


Christmas Crafternoon : A mix of Christmas crafts

  • Christmas crafternoon, creative event in London

Our Christmas Crafternoon is a fun and festive mix of Christmas crafts.  We lay out a selection of stylish materials for people to get stuck into; bauble decorating and personalising, printing your own Christmas gift wrap, making gift tags and paper craft decorations.  Leave with a goodie bag of treats to take home.

Pinecraft : Classic Christmas wreath decorating

  • Christmas wreath making workshops
  • corporate wreath making workshop in London

Christmas wreath decorating is more popular than ever.  For this workshop we use classic blue pine bases so the focus of the activity is the decorating.  (We can however do a full wreath making from scratch if requested).  Once everyone has learnt basic techniques on wiring up foliage and other decorations, everyone can decide on their embellishments and their design (we provide template wreaths for inspiration or go freestyle!) using fresh and seasonal foliage such as berries, dried fruits and more. Great fun to do and by the end of the session everyone has a wreath ready to take home and hang on their door.


Pull up to the Jumper : Christmas jumper customising

  • Christmas jumper customising party

Pull up to the jumper baby.. with some Christmas jumper customising. We give the Christmas jumper a contemporary twist using quality grey marl sweatshirts (in a variety of sizes) ready to be decorated. We’ll pre-order the required sweatshirts in the relevant sizes and bring them along with felt and a large selection of fun and festive trimmings and embellishments, plus glue (or needle and thread for those that prefer). Decide on your design; use templates or go freestyle, then get stuck in. Christmas jumper decorating is fun and sociable, not just for the women, the guys enjoy it as much (if not more!)  Wear the finished creation with pride on Christmas Jumper Day!

Message in a Bauble : Bauble Decorating

  • clear baubles filled with sequins
  • Christmas bauble decorating

Bauble decorating is one of our favourite festive crafts and a tried and tested crowd-pleaser for all ages.  We provide high-quality, plain matt or transparent baubles along with a selection of lettering, embellishments, ribbons and trimmings to create a collection of bespoke baubles ready to take home and hang on your Christmas tree.


Stocking Up : Christmas stocking decorating

  • Christmas stocking customising
  • Christmas stocking decorating

Get ready for Santa with our Christmas stocking decorating activity.  Decorate a Christmas stocking (or two) with festive trimmings and embellishments; ribbons, rustic lace, jingle bells, buttons and appliqué.


Paper Craft : Christmas decoration making

  • homemade Christmas decorations

Get your Christmas craft on with this Christmas decoration making activity – loads of stylish double sided card and paper, washi tape and printing blocks to get inspired.  Learn some new techniques and make some decorations ready to hang. Take home a bag of your new handmade Christmas creations ready to hang up.



Belle of the Ball : Energy ball making

  • energy ball making for a corporate event
  • energy ball making for a corporate event
  • energy ball making for a corporate event

Energy balls are nutritious and delicious and now you can join the clean eating revolution by learning to make them yourselves!  We provide a prepared base (packed full of goodness) and then attendees can choose from a selection of super foods such as spirulina, maca and baobab to tailor make their own energy ball collection.  They then get hands on rolling and coating the balls in their choice of topping, and will have their healthy, sugar free snack ready to take away (or eat!) along with a recipe sheet to continue energy ball making at home!

Cocoa Loco : Chocolate masterclass

In this fun and indulgent chocolate masterclass learn the fascinating history of chocolate and enjoy some chocolate tasting in the process. Under expert guidance learn various techniques of the chocolatier to create your own selection box of 15 – 20 decorated chocolates to enjoy.


Roll With It : Sushi making

In this hands-on sushi making masterclass everyone learns authentic techniques. Choosing from a range of fresh, high quality ingredients learn to make different varieties including maki rolls, inside out rolls, nigiri and hand rolls. Everyone leaves with new sushi making skills as well as a box filled with their delicious creations.


Ice Ice Baby : Biscuit Icing Masterclass

  • biscuit icing masterclass
  • biscuit icing hen party
  • biscuit icing workshop in London

Choose a theme for your collection in this biscuit icing masterclass and for the event you’ll have them freshly baked and ready to ice and embellish. In this fun and informative activity learn clever ideas for impressive results. Everyone will leave with a box of 6 delicious, hand decorated biscuits.

Printing / Cards

House of Cards : Card making

  • Mother's Day card making with liberty print fabric flowers
  • handmade Valentines Day card
  • Card making workshops

Who doesn’t love a hand made card, but really who has the time and inclination these days?  That’s where we can help, providing a wide selection of quality materials, inspirational ideas and techniques such as appliqué and marbling for something extra.  We have held card making sessions throughout the year or tailored for occasions such as Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas  – fun to do with great results to take away.

Prints Charming : Tote bag printing

  • tea towel printing activity in London
  • botanical tote bag printing
  • tote bag printing with London theme

Spruce up a plain cotton bag with our tote bag printing activity. (NB. If totes aren’t your ‘bag’, we can bring tea towels, t-shirts or anything else you want to print on instead).  We have a wide range of stencils – numbers and letters to personalise as well as images including leaves, stags, hearts, stars, space invaders.  For the creative and steady of hand we can bring craft knifes to design and make your own stencils, or we can make bespoke stencils to order if required.