Guide to creating handmade Mothers Day cards with fabric flowers

We love giving and receiving cards (sorry but an e-card just doesn’t cut it!), and our favourites are always handmade. But when was the last time you sent a handmade Mothers Day card to your mum?  The chances are it was when you were still at school, so why not indulge her this year by making one yourself.  It shows you’ve put time and thought into it and not just done a last minute dash to the corner shop.  Hopefully she’ll love it just as much as your childhood creations – only this time it will be a little more chic!

Below our craft teacher Elise shares her method of making fabric flower cards:

materials for Handmade Mothers Day card

materials for home made card making

1. Gather your materials; quality paper for the card, any scraps of pretty fabric (we used Liberty print fabric off cuts), a button, needle and thread, scissors and glue.

Handmade Mothers Day card

draw and cut out a flower template

2. Draw a simple flower shape on some paper and cut out as your template. Make sure the petals aren’t cut too close to the centre. Then draw outline onto reserve side of fabric and cut out. Repeat with the same or contrasting piece of fabric.

sewing flower for Handmade Mothers Day card

sew a tacking stitch round the centre of the flower

3. With a threaded needle sew round the centre of one of your flowers in a simple tacking stitch – use 2 or 3 stitches per petal, the more stitches the tighter the ‘gather’.

floral Handmade Mothers Day card

gather the thread

4. Pull the thread tight for the gathered effect, secure thread with a knot on the reverse side and trim.

Handmade Mothers Day card

layer flowers on top of each other and secure with a button

5. Position your gathered flower over the other one, and use a button to secure the two pieces of fabric.

floral handmade Mothers Day cards

glue the finished flowers onto cards – add stems and leaves if desired

6. Glue the finished flower onto the card. Add a stem, leaves or any other embellishments.  Write your Mother’s Day message and post or deliver by hand – it will really make your Mum’s Day